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Product : 4K/12G SDI Splitter

4K/12G Splitter

Model No. : L4KS01


Featuring a miniature, lightweight design and being a passive designso requiring no power, LEN SDI splitters are particularly suitable foradditional monitor feeds; remote camera locations and situations where size and weight are critical factors - such as racing cars, bikesand other sporting and research applications.

Offering a broadcast-quality signal, they are useful in both permanentand temporary installations. They may be used freestanding and alsohave fixing screws for mounting through panels. An accessory panel isalso available to mount eight splitters in 1U of rack space.

Note: To achieve the specified performance the input must be fed witha source impedance of 75 ohms and both outputs must be terminatedwith 75 ohms. Therefore, if an output cable is not present, a 75 ohmtermination rated to 4K12G should be fitted.


  • Miniature passive Splitter - no power required
  • Full 12G/4K UHD SDI broadcast quality signal compliant
  • Can be used with all lower SDI standards including 6G, 3G, HDand SD SDI
  • Ideal for permanent and temporary installations
  • 2 (or more) 4K12G Splitters can be used in series to provide upto 8 individual feeds over shorter distances. The actual distancedepends on original signal strength and cable quality.•
  • Size 45 x 30 x 15mm – weight less than 30g
  • Rackframe is available, for mounting up to eight L4KS01 Splitters

Description / Details

Video Splitter – miniature, lightweight passive design requires no power. Equivalent to a distribution amplifier to create additional SDI signals for most applications.

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