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Product : 4K/12G SDI Relay

4K/12G Relay

Model No. : L4KR01


L4KR01 is a miniature single-circuit, change-over relay providing fullbroadcast quality switching, for data rates up to 12Gb/s. They aresuitable for applications such as power-failure switching and sourceselection. They can be used to choose between two inputs or to havea single input and choose between two outputs, controlled by a 5VDC signal applied to the coil.

Transparent to a broadcast-quality signal, they are useful inboth permanent and temporary installations. They may be usedfreestanding or panel mounted, using the integrated fixing screwsfor mounting through panels. An accessory panel is also available tomount eight Relays in 1U of rack space.


  • Miniature single circuit change over relay
  • Full 12G/4K UHD SDI broadcast quality signal switching
  • Can be used with all lower SDI standards including 6G, 3G, HDand SD SDI
  • Ideal for applications such as power-failure switching andsource selection
  • Controlled by a 5V DC signal applied to the terminal screws
  • Size 45 x 30 x 15mm – weight less than 32g
  • Rackframe is available, for mounting up to eight L4KR01 Relays

Description / Details

Video Relay – miniature single-circuit, change over relay providing full broadcast quality switching. Suitable for power failure switching and source selection.

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